Natural Ways To Birth Control

natural birth control herbs0% adverse effects and easy to apply. Control homemade treatments are popular now. Individuals are aware about the adverse effects of undesirable pregnancy and abortion. Approximately 70% of women do not know of getting use of prevention, the days. If your pregnancy test are favorable, do not use any homemade remedies. It might occur miscarriage. Use some useful and good home made remedies after unsafe intercourse. For good and healthful intercourse use prevention of birth control. There are various kinds of medicine to control birth, but have some adverse effects. Home made remedies are good to control birth. There are numerous remedies for birth control.

If you are being given trouble by birth control than consult your physician. There are several best and easy home made remedies to control birth. This house remedial guide below will assist you out with a few top notch and well tried cures which will certainly help you in achieving the goals. Consume pure vitamin C.No rosehips, it should be pure. Take 1500 mg of vitamin. It’ll control birth. Take 2 times in a day. For 3 day after intercourse. In case your period is a couple of days delay than take 3000 ml for five days. In case your pregnancy test is positive than don’t take a dose.

natural birth control herbsIt might cause miscarriage and may bring you in dangerous condition. Don’t do miscarriage at home. It’s the best and effective home cure for birth control. Vitamin C is useful in skin pain, measles and glow. People take vitamins supplementary for healthful body. Women need to record their menstrual period. When daily body temperature is recorded, you’ll see that the temperature rises little at the time of ovulation. It falls on the next period. In that case you could avoid birth control. Recording your temperature of the body daily is must. You should record the temperature 3 times in a day.

Morning, evening and night. Put the thermometer for 5-10 minutes and under the tongue at the rectum. We need basal thermometer. This way is good and simple to control birth. Ensure that the temperature is recorded correctly. We need 100gm 2 tablespoon of water and honey, of apricot. Boil the mixture for 20 to half a hour. Blend the mix and drink one cup this mix. This may stop bleeding and control birth. Apricots are utilized in control birth in cases that were minor. Please don’t eat when pregnancy results are positive. Having it also improve blood level. It’s very useful in skin glow. Should apply this home cure. Simple and fast way of curing birth and childbirth control. In this method, women need to report their menstrual period.

Author: anisha24