Strategies For Stress Reduction

Strategies For Stress ReductionAll Articles – Articles by Topic – Basics: ME\/CFS & FM 101 – Coping Strategies – Emotions – Family & Friends – Pacing – Relationships & Support – Stress Management – Success Stories – Treatment Options – Logs, Forms & Worksheets – Online Books – Series – Videos – Note: Second of two articles on stress reduction in a four part series on managing stress.) – Because stress has so many causes and is so pervasive in ME\/CFS and fibromyalgia, we recommend creating a stress management plan that uses a variety of approaches. The first article in this series indicated combining techniques for stress reduction.

The article focused on two approaches. This article describes 11 more. Pleasurable Activities things that bring you may distract and reduce preoccupation. Playing music listening to or participating in artistic pursuits are stress reducers that are good. The same may be said of spending time in nature, seeing a film, reading a book and talking with a buddy. The key is to find an action it is possible to get consumed. By immersing yourself, you experience some pleasure, distract yourself and disrupt the worry cycle. Heres what a number of people in our value report about the value of activities: I thought I didn’t deserve any fun and’d a lot of guilt about being a person Once I was sick.

techniques for stress reductionLater I thought that since my stress is big, the anxiety reliever had to be big, too. What I eventually learned was that fun was really essential to helping me decrease my anxiety and that fun can come in lots of ways, small or big.”. Enjoyable activities are really very important to me to show me which I may have a very good life even though I’ve CFS, things such as hobbies, outings with a buddy, having a buddy over or shopping.”. Exercise and Movement: Exercise is a natural anxiety reducer, since it causes the organism to produce endorphins along with other soothing body chemicals.

A comparable effect can be achieved through other forms of movement. She reported that the fort was an anxiety minimizer, greatly reducing her fear of repeating her mistake. Another person in our program reported, I’ve spent quite a little time analyzing my activities, everything from how long I was somewhere to ways to minimize pain within doing chores. From this analysis, I’ve tried numerous different ideas which have proved to be very helpful. Information: Educating yourself concerning CFS and FM can be an excellent stress reducer, as you reply fears with facts. Let me suggest 3 guidelines for your educational efforts: Use multiple sources.

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